This coin really can not afford neither in size nor in weight. She appeared in the reign of Catherine I. True, her institution was not original. In the first half…

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European coins and medals (XVI-XXI century)
New time in numismatics begins in Europe around 1500 in the lands of the Habsburgs. In 1486, by order of the Archduke Sigismund (1439-1490), the Tyrolean guldengros was minted. It…

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Crusader coins (ca. 1095-1523)
It is unlikely that there will be events that have had such a strong influence on the social and cultural development of the medieval world from the 11th to the…

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Where can I sell coins on the Internet

If the “old” coin collectors still prefer to sell and buy coins for the collection “from hand to hand”, then collectors of the 21st century have been doing this for a long time using the Internet.
And it is much more profitable for everyone – the coverage of potential buyers can reach several tens of thousands of people, you can even sell the most specific variety, you can buy almost everything. Continue reading

What is numismatics and who such numismatists

Since ancient times, people to collect something. Books, statues, paintings, vases, wardrobe items, tableware items, various postcards, stickers – collecting items brought joy and pleasure. But, besides purely aesthetic pleasure, this is a very interesting hobby and profitable business.
Coin collecting is one of the oldest and most popular today. It is not only about old coins, but also about those that were relatively recently in the “go.” There is a whole science that studies many aspects related to coins: coinage, monetary circulation. This is numismatics. At the heart of the name are the Greek words “nomos” – the law and “nomizma” – a coin. The study of this science involves a number of other disciplines: geography, history, archeology, economics, law, political science, art. Continue reading

How to invest money in coins

The stock market is falling, the ruble is getting cheaper, interest on deposits hardly falls short of inflation. And we all begin to think about other ways to save and increase our savings. “RG” found out that in our turbulent times, it turns out, you can combine business with pleasure: to collect old coins and receive income from it. Here, the dollar is successfully replaced by an old penny, drachma or Sevsky Czech.
With all the apparent closeness of this business is very democratic. In contrast, say, from the market of painting. You can start with ten thousand rubles in your pocket. But you need to be prepared that, like in any new business, two or three years will only have to be invested. To then become the owner of the collection of an average hand, start earning. Continue reading

Interesting facts from the history of collecting

The origins of collecting lead in antiquity. Notable people collected antiques and art objects and decorated them at home. In the I-II century BC in ancient Rome, the market of ancient products was very developed, antique shops were popular in the cities and auctions were held regularly.
In Europe, the passion for collecting comes into vogue in the Renaissance. One of the famous coin collectors of the time – the famous poet Francesco Petrarch, who collected medals and gold coins. Continue reading

Interesting facts about coins

Money constantly appears in our world. In any country, in any currency and in any form, be it paper or metallic money, but only thanks to them can we get something. We want to introduce you closer to one of the variants of money, with coins. And so are some interesting facts about coins. The information will be interesting to both experienced numismatists and novice treasure hunters, who for the first time took the metal detector in their hands and went to the cop in the field. 1 In the history of Athens, there was a coin, for which they gave more than 300 thousand dollars at auction. Continue reading

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