Russian coins and medals (XV-XX century)
The history of Russian coins is still relatively short. In its development, the monetary business of Russia did not directly rely on ancient or medieval designs, and yet in an…

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Ancient coins
1. Old coins of Russia - gold and silver coins of Prince Vladimir These were the first coins minted in Kievan Rus at the end of the 10th century, then…

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Interesting facts from the history of collecting
The origins of collecting lead in antiquity. Notable people collected antiques and art objects and decorated them at home. In the I-II century BC in ancient Rome, the market of…

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Ancient coins

1. Old coins of Russia – gold and silver coins of Prince Vladimir
These were the first coins minted in Kievan Rus at the end of the 10th century, then at the beginning of the 11th century, they were issued in small quantities and not for long, so they didn’t have much influence on monetary circulation but represent a peculiar group of cultural monuments of Ancient Russia.
Under Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich in 988, Christianity became the official religion in Russia. In the cities, the oldest of which were Kiev, Novgorod, Ladoga, Smolensk, Moore, crafts and trade with the southern and western Slavs, the peoples of other countries were actively developed. Continue reading

Numismatics is one of the most famous and ancient types of collectibles.

Numismatics (collecting coins and medals, including the study of money circulation and the history of coinage) is one of the most ancient types of collectibles and is probably one of the most popular modern areas of collecting and private investment. Numismatics allows in practice not only to devote your time to an interesting hobby, but also to receive income from investments, to study history (including the political and economic history of society, the history of issuing money), geography, art, foreign languages, changing state symbols, archeology and other interesting subjects, which open up to the novice collector a completely new world of knowledge and time of transmission for him. Continue reading

Opening an antique shop

Acquisition of antiques – it was and remains one of the most reliable ways to invest money, which allows you to ensure a stable income in the amount of 20-50% per annum. That is why not only very wealthy people, as is commonly thought, are engaged in collecting antiquities, but also representatives of the middle class.
The global antiques market is divided into several segments. The largest and most promising of them is painting and sculpture (over 40%). Numismatics and used books are in second place in terms of sales (20%). Continue reading

Treasure Hunt in Ukraine

Findings of treasure hunters of Ukraine fascinate with their wealth and antiquity: here are Scythian gold, royal coins, church utensils, ancient icons, various artifacts and decorations. Perhaps you also want to personally touch the bygone era, to replenish the collection of the local history museum in your city or to realize a childhood dream and find treasures?
How to find hidden treasure
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How to search for coins with a metal detector

A pot of gold coins hiding not only leprechauns on the poppy field, such finds of Ukrainian treasure hunters happen in our not at all fairy-tale state. Of course, it is a great fortune to find a treasure of coins, but one cannot do without some preparation.
Where to look for coins in Ukraine, the main places
• Long-standing beaches on lakes and along rivers. In addition to antiquities: jewelry, coins, church utensils, seals, there you can find many modern values: chains, pendants, earrings, etc. Continue reading

Possessions of the Habsburgs - Austria (XII-XX centuries)
In 1273, King Rudolph I became the first representative of the Habsburg clan who ascended to the Roman-German throne. It began the reign of the Habsburg dynasty, which lasted until…


Oriental coins (VII-XXI century)
The conquerors of the territories that previously belonged to Byzantium were not familiar with the coinage before the reign of Muhammad, and therefore the history of the Arab coinage begins…


Valuable little thing. How to make money on investing in rare coins
Rare coins can grow in price by hundreds of percent over ten years. What influences their value and how to find assets attractive for investment in this market? Old coins…