Coins and medals of the colonial countries (XVI-XXI centuries)
While in some countries, for example, in China or Japan, money in the form of coins was used for a long time, most of the Asian, African and American continents…

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Vintage German coins and medals
Coinage in the territory of the German state from the end of the Middle Ages (XV century) and until the introduction of the imperial state currency in 1871 is without…

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Numismatists will be able to collect collectible cryptocurrencies
The most popular electronic currency has once again puzzled its followers. Just a couple of days, the bitcoin rate again fell from 11,500 to 8,500 dollars. But such sharp jumps…

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Monthly Archives: December 2018

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Numismatics – Peter’s true passion

In recent years, interest in numismatics has increased among the Russian population, which is both exciting and quite profitable. Following this trend, many shops selling antiques open stores for coin collectors, as well as conduct various auctions. And every year the number of numismatists is growing.
Goethe once wrote that coins are “an endless spring of flowers and fruits of art.” According to legend, the coins got their real name due to the fact that they began to produce the courtyard of the temple of the goddess Juno Coins on Capitol Hill in Rome. But it took a long time before the coins became the subject of admiration for Goethe and other poets. Continue reading

Coins and coin type of ancient Greece

The stamp imprint on the coins is the seal of the country or city that issued it. The drawings and inscriptions on the coins represent the most important concept of “coin” science – the coin type.
This concept is very sensitive to the historical and cultural environment in which coins are minted. Ancient Greek coins were the monetary units of the policy, and therefore they reflected what the city lived.
On the early coins of Athens, the drawings seem very unusual: a vase, a part of a horse, a human leg … Continue reading

On the fate of coin stamps of the St. Petersburg Mint

Mikhail Ivanovich Smirnov, the archivist of the St. Petersburg Mint, published an interesting article in the 6th issue of the Old Coin: “The Mints Cabinet and the Museum of the Mint of St. Petersburg”. Among the problematic issues, the central place in it was taken up by the question of the fate of coin stamps of the St. Petersburg Mint, the solution of which, as the author points out, encounters difficulties. Recall the provisions formulated by him, which are, in his opinion, the starting point for solving the problem posed. Continue reading

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This coin really can not afford neither in size nor in weight. She appeared in the reign of Catherine I. True, her institution was not original. In the first half…


Commemorative coins
In the new history there are many anniversaries, celebrations, coronations, which you can almost always find out by looking at the coins issued in honor of this event. A Soviet…


What is now in price on the numismatic market
The dollar is falling, and the ruble is growing stronger. Especially - old. Antique coins are sold at auctions for "big money". So, at the Gelos auction before the new…