The whole history of numismatics is a kind of struggle with various fakes and other…

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We are looking at the coin. Do not take her fingers for the image. Even…

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Ancient coins
1. Old coins of Russia - gold and silver coins of Prince Vladimir These were…


On the fate of coin stamps of the St. Petersburg Mint
Mikhail Ivanovich Smirnov, the archivist of the St. Petersburg Mint, published an interesting article in…


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Valuable little thing. How to make money on investing in rare coins

Rare coins can grow in price by hundreds of percent over ten years. What influences their value and how to find assets attractive for investment in this market?
Old coins are the third most profitable alternative tool in the world after rare cars and collection wine. According to the latest report by Knight Frank, over the past 5 years, the return on investment in rare coins was 50%, and in ten years – 182%.
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This coin really can not afford neither in size nor in weight.
She appeared in the reign of Catherine I. True, her institution was not original.
In the first half of the 17th century, a new means of payment was introduced in Sweden: square plates. One daller, made of Swedish copper, weighed 1 kg 350 g. How not to understand respectable Swedish burghers, whose hearts and pockets undermined the heavy plates! But after all, the greatness of Sweden required a lot of silver, sailing away to endless wars … Continue reading

How to invest money in coins

The stock market is falling, the ruble is getting cheaper, interest on deposits hardly falls short of inflation. And we all begin to think about other ways to save and increase our savings. “RG” found out that in our turbulent times, it turns out, you can combine business with pleasure: to collect old coins and receive income from it. Here, the dollar is successfully replaced by an old penny, drachma or Sevsky Czech.
With all the apparent closeness of this business is very democratic. In contrast, say, from the market of painting. You can start with ten thousand rubles in your pocket. But you need to be prepared that, like in any new business, two or three years will only have to be invested. To then become the owner of the collection of an average hand, start earning. Continue reading