The Great Migration of Nations (4th-6th centuries AD)
The prevailing idea that the hordes of barbarian peoples invaded the borders of the Roman…

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Numismatists will be able to collect collectible cryptocurrencies
The most popular electronic currency has once again puzzled its followers. Just a couple of…

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Ancient coins
1. Old coins of Russia - gold and silver coins of Prince Vladimir These were…


About buying coins
Until recently, buying up coins and their further resale could be quite a successful small…


many cultural monuments

Numismatics – Peter’s true passion

In recent years, interest in numismatics has increased among the Russian population, which is both exciting and quite profitable. Following this trend, many shops selling antiques open stores for coin collectors, as well as conduct various auctions. And every year the number of numismatists is growing.
Goethe once wrote that coins are “an endless spring of flowers and fruits of art.” According to legend, the coins got their real name due to the fact that they began to produce the courtyard of the temple of the goddess Juno Coins on Capitol Hill in Rome. But it took a long time before the coins became the subject of admiration for Goethe and other poets. Continue reading

How to search for coins with a metal detector

A pot of gold coins hiding not only leprechauns on the poppy field, such finds of Ukrainian treasure hunters happen in our not at all fairy-tale state. Of course, it is a great fortune to find a treasure of coins, but one cannot do without some preparation.
Where to look for coins in Ukraine, the main places
• Long-standing beaches on lakes and along rivers. In addition to antiquities: jewelry, coins, church utensils, seals, there you can find many modern values: chains, pendants, earrings, etc. Continue reading

What is the cost of silver coins of Tsarist Russia

We can safely say that silver coins of tsarist Russia of 1700 – 1917, will definitely be able to delight everyone, even the most fastidious and demanding coin collector, otherwise it can not be. Thus, if you once see such a collection, you can personally see that there is something to see, and this is true.
Silver coins of tsarist Russia 1700-1917.
If you delve into the historical past, then, first of all, I would like to remind you that since 1721, as you know, tsarist Russia has become imperial at all. Continue reading