The Russian Empress Elizabeth did not think that a number of her decrees, by which…

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Crusader coins (ca. 1095-1523)
It is unlikely that there will be events that have had such a strong influence…

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Medieval coins (ca. 500-1500)
Medieval coins (ca. 500-1500)The Middle Ages spanned 1,000 years of European history, starting with the…


Oriental coins (VII-XXI century)
The conquerors of the territories that previously belonged to Byzantium were not familiar with the…


coins were circulated

Coin collecting as a hobby

Modern collectors collect various items. Some collect stamps, others – coins, and there are those that are particularly original.
Collecting coins is very popular, because everyone who has found or received an unusual coin as a gift will definitely want to receive one more, and then increase their number at times. So, a person turns into a collector, without even waiting for it, and then begins not only to collect them, but also to study them. Continue reading

Greek coins (VII-II century BC)

In ancient Greece, the fundamental foundations of the development of European civilization were laid. The cultural achievements of the “classical time” (ca. 500-363 / 323 BC) include not only the formation of Athenian democracy, but also monumental buildings (the Acropolis), important historical documents (Herodotus), and large-scale sports events (Olympiad), relevant to this day. Continue reading

About buying coins

Until recently, buying up coins and their further resale could be quite a successful small business. This is especially true of the 90s, when people, without getting paid for years, carried a lot of coins of the Empire, the USSR, and some sold their collections for a pittance. Today, buying coins is not so profitable. There is one reason – basically there is nothing more to buy, everything has been sold for a long time (drunk). Rarely, when another person finally decides to break his piggy bank and take it up for sale. For this reason, today dealers have to look for coins, where you can buy coins even at market prices, and then sell them a little more expensive through your channels. Continue reading