Interesting facts about coins
Money constantly appears in our world. In any country, in any currency and in any…

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- The original ruble of the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in the catalog of V.…

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About buying coins
Until recently, buying up coins and their further resale could be quite a successful small…


Numismatics - Peter's true passion
In recent years, interest in numismatics has increased among the Russian population, which is both…


did numismatics

Numismatics is one of the most famous and ancient types of collectibles.

Numismatics (collecting coins and medals, including the study of money circulation and the history of coinage) is one of the most ancient types of collectibles and is probably one of the most popular modern areas of collecting and private investment. Numismatics allows in practice not only to devote your time to an interesting hobby, but also to receive income from investments, to study history (including the political and economic history of society, the history of issuing money), geography, art, foreign languages, changing state symbols, archeology and other interesting subjects, which open up to the novice collector a completely new world of knowledge and time of transmission for him. Continue reading

What is the cost of silver coins of Tsarist Russia

We can safely say that silver coins of tsarist Russia of 1700 – 1917, will definitely be able to delight everyone, even the most fastidious and demanding coin collector, otherwise it can not be. Thus, if you once see such a collection, you can personally see that there is something to see, and this is true.
Silver coins of tsarist Russia 1700-1917.
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This coin really can not afford neither in size nor in weight.
She appeared in the reign of Catherine I. True, her institution was not original.
In the first half of the 17th century, a new means of payment was introduced in Sweden: square plates. One daller, made of Swedish copper, weighed 1 kg 350 g. How not to understand respectable Swedish burghers, whose hearts and pockets undermined the heavy plates! But after all, the greatness of Sweden required a lot of silver, sailing away to endless wars … Continue reading