The Great Migration of Nations (4th-6th centuries AD)
The prevailing idea that the hordes of barbarian peoples invaded the borders of the Roman…

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Commemorative coins
In the new history there are many anniversaries, celebrations, coronations, which you can almost always…

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Chinese Coins - 2000 Years of Coin History and Money
China is the most populous country in the world. Its population is 1 billion inhabitants,…


What is the cost of silver coins of Tsarist Russia
We can safely say that silver coins of tsarist Russia of 1700 - 1917, will…


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Valuable little thing. How to make money on investing in rare coins

Rare coins can grow in price by hundreds of percent over ten years. What influences their value and how to find assets attractive for investment in this market?
Old coins are the third most profitable alternative tool in the world after rare cars and collection wine. According to the latest report by Knight Frank, over the past 5 years, the return on investment in rare coins was 50%, and in ten years – 182%.
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Where can I sell coins on the Internet

If the “old” coin collectors still prefer to sell and buy coins for the collection “from hand to hand”, then collectors of the 21st century have been doing this for a long time using the Internet.
And it is much more profitable for everyone – the coverage of potential buyers can reach several tens of thousands of people, you can even sell the most specific variety, you can buy almost everything. Continue reading

What is numismatics and who such numismatists

Since ancient times, people to collect something. Books, statues, paintings, vases, wardrobe items, tableware items, various postcards, stickers – collecting items brought joy and pleasure. But, besides purely aesthetic pleasure, this is a very interesting hobby and profitable business.
Coin collecting is one of the oldest and most popular today. It is not only about old coins, but also about those that were relatively recently in the “go.” There is a whole science that studies many aspects related to coins: coinage, monetary circulation. This is numismatics. At the heart of the name are the Greek words “nomos” – the law and “nomizma” – a coin. The study of this science involves a number of other disciplines: geography, history, archeology, economics, law, political science, art. Continue reading