On the fate of coin stamps of the St. Petersburg Mint
Mikhail Ivanovich Smirnov, the archivist of the St. Petersburg Mint, published an interesting article in…

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Franz Joseph I Commemorative Coins
From December 2, 1848, Franz Joseph I was Emperor of the Austrian Empire and King…

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Interesting facts from the history of collecting
The origins of collecting lead in antiquity. Notable people collected antiques and art objects and…


Coins and coin type of ancient Greece
The stamp imprint on the coins is the seal of the country or city that…


money of regular coinage


The Russian Empress Elizabeth did not think that a number of her decrees, by which she had eradicated a relatively common coin, would make this coin a numismatic rarity.
However, in order.
After the death of Anna Ioanovna in 1740, a three-month baby was raised to the Russian throne under the name of John III.
Since Ivan Antonovich couldn’t show any particular political activity at this age, Biron was appointed regent of the empire, and then, as a result of a palace plot, the mother of John Antonovich Anna Leopoldovna. Continue reading


– The original ruble of the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in the catalog of V. I. Petrov (1900) is estimated at 300 rubles.
Of course, the cost of extremely rare items of numismatics is a very relative concept. Petrov understood this very well, pointing to every page of his catalog: “Prices are not obligatory”.
A numismatist is usually interested not so much in the specific cost of a relatively rare numismatic item, as in its historical significance.
From this point of view, the ruble of Alexei Mikhailovich is of double value: both as a great rarity and as a new milestone in the history of Russian money circulation. Continue reading


It is difficult to convey what the collector of old coins is going through, having found the necessary coin after a long search. This is an incomparable joy of the discoverer of rarities. And if near you, when you are considering a copper coin turned green from time, it turns out to be a rather dry practical person, try to intelligibly explain your condition to it.
Will he understand that collecting coins is akin to his passion for painting and art, that collecting coins is another step in history, knowledge of social relations, ethnography. Continue reading