Numismatics Museum in Nicosia
The ancient Greeks attributed the invention to heroes of myths, and the Romans to their…

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The Great Migration of Nations (4th-6th centuries AD)
The prevailing idea that the hordes of barbarian peoples invaded the borders of the Roman…

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Interesting facts about coins
Money constantly appears in our world. In any country, in any currency and in any…


Interesting facts from the history of collecting
The origins of collecting lead in antiquity. Notable people collected antiques and art objects and…


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How to search for coins with a metal detector

A pot of gold coins hiding not only leprechauns on the poppy field, such finds of Ukrainian treasure hunters happen in our not at all fairy-tale state. Of course, it is a great fortune to find a treasure of coins, but one cannot do without some preparation.
Where to look for coins in Ukraine, the main places
• Long-standing beaches on lakes and along rivers. In addition to antiquities: jewelry, coins, church utensils, seals, there you can find many modern values: chains, pendants, earrings, etc. Continue reading

Celtic Coins (III-I century BC)

The name “Celts” was first mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus (Greek “keltoi” means “brave”). At one time, the Celts were scattered throughout Northern Europe, although it was never a question of any kind of Celtic public education, but at most temporary alliances of individual tribes to achieve certain goals. Continue reading


The whole history of numismatics is a kind of struggle with various fakes and other types of falsification. Even novelists, going from hands to hands of collectors, out of ignorance or for other reasons, begin to be called originals. Counterfeiters resort to all sorts of tricks to make the coin look like a script.
Counterfeiting is not to be confused with the falsification of collection coins. If in the first case the falsifier forges a collectible, in the other case the object of falsification is the means of payment. There are a lot of very experienced coin collectors, who chose the fake coins of different countries and peoples as the theme of their collecting. Continue reading